Ares Evo

The innovative element, the continuous product evolution,the constant research for improvement have always been thedistinctive features of Vanita Docce. Therefore Ares Evo hasborn, the new shower enclosure that improves and completes oneof our “best showers”: they do not change characteristics anddesign of Ares, but some technical upgrades have been made tomake it even more performing.

Unobtrusive support bar, 8 mm thick crystal, VanitaClean, aspecial treatment against lime deposit, wheels on ball bearingswith adjustment eccentric and an unbeatable price/quality ratioare the main features of this robust product with stunning goodlooks and painstaking details.

Explore this shower enclosure, a true decor item, attractive,imposing and functional. It has magnetic closing, a gasket underthe sliding door and a double lip seal that provides almost thesame seal as a profiled product.

Experience daily wellbeing in your bathroom. Ares Evo showerenclosure by Vanita Docce.

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  • The slide bar can be shortened by a few centimetres (± 5 cm); shortening will reduce the opening door.
  • If the sliding door is fitted with a fixed panel, the overall dimensions of the sliding door will be increased by +1 cm.
  • On demand the fixed panel can be provided in special sizes.
  • Ares is not designed for fitting a third side.
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