Atena is the first popular sliding door shower enclosure that lacks a lower profile. Its silhouette is the star of the collection.

A slim 3,5 cm front profile provides the structure with streamlining and dynamism without forgoing practicality. It has a renewed range of shower doors, embellished of design pivot system, distinguished by turning hinges perfectly integrates with shower enclosure brilliant parts. Crystal glass stars in this series and comes with VanitaClean, a special treatment against lime deposits. The overall panel height of 195 cm lends airiness to the composition.
Double wheels drive the sliding crystal panels in one effortless movement. The magnificently designed handle integrates with the product guidelines. The profiles are cut at a 45° angle and joined by a structural linear connection, which adds to the attractive appearance.

Atena is the result of an ambitious idea that is the essence of Vanita Docce: never stop innovating.

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  • The fixed panel lacks horizontal profiles, in
    keeping with the family style of this series.
  • The front profile is fitted in our workshops up to a size of 100 cm
    for the sides of square and rectangular compositions only.
  • The chromed metal double wheels are designed to reduce to a
    minimum the distance between the fixed panel and the sliding part.
  • The wheels are fitted to the door crystal.
  • If the fixed panel is fitted with a door or corner enclosure,
    the connected side will lose its extension (-2 cm, i.e. the
    minimum measurement indicated); the unused offset profile
    will act as anchorage to the wall for the fixed panel. This
    solution will make the connecting profile less obtrusive.
  • Atena is prepared for fitting a third side.
  • When 2 fixed panels are fitted to a sliding door, the latter will
    lose its extension: consider the minimum size indicated.
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