Love is a shower tray based on the successful Cupido model, with which it shares most of the production process and the surface texture.
This is an entry level shower tray with the same characteristics as the most popular products on the market.
There are some small differences between Love and Cupido: tray thickness 2,5 cm, central position of the drain, slightly less thick resin coating, gelcoat applied to the visible parts, brushed stainless steel grille, available in white only.
In spite of its basic characteristics, the edge has the same texture as the floor area, an additional touch of class for a shower tray aimed at a lower end target.

Love: a quality product made in Italy, available at an extremely competitive price.





2,5 cm Shower tray height
Reversible shower tray
Special or customizable size



  • To reduce shower trays use a tool with diamond blade.
  • We recommend keeping a flat surface along the perimeter when installing shower enclosure.
  • Consider heat expansions (2/3 mm) of shower trays.
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