Freestanding tubs

Thin and refined shapes, combined with a contemporary design, best describe the brand new proposal of freestanding bathtubs by Vanita Docce.

Celeste - Vanita Docce


Bella - Vanita Docce


Nur - Vanita Docce


Mar - Vanita Docce


Lola - Vanita Docce


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Lola - Vanita Docce


Lola - Vanita Docce

Shower panels

Lola - Vanita Docce

Wellness Shower Heads

Quality and guarantee.

All Vanita Docce products are covered by a warranty valid for 24 months from date of purchase.

Under the warranty the company undertakes to repair or replace any damaged parts: accessory costs such as installation, transfers and further inconvenience are excluded. Faults and defects must be communicated in writing.
Since its inception, Vanita Docce has embraced the concept of quality: the product, the service, the commitment and the evolution clearly describe the key factors that characterize the company.
Our staff, driven by the desire to innovate, works diligently to obtain and gain the consensus and trust of sector operators. For this reason, all our products are designed to meet recent European directives in terms of quality and safety. All production processes are carefully managed and monitored to uphold high standards imposed by the market.