Shower Enclosures

Within the collection we find 17 different lines of shower enclosures: the new series are revolutionary and significantly expand Vanita's commercial proposal; furthermore, the already consolidated series have been renewed and further developed to respond with professionalism and attention to a continually changing market.
Thanks to the unique and exclusive design, everyone will be able to find the shower enclosure suited to their needs.

Stellar - Vanita Docce


Design and engineering come together to create an innovative project: the shower enclosure that best represents the vision and true essence of Vanita Docce.

Adele - Vanita Docce


Adele is a shower enclosure, created thanks to experience, enthusiasm and dedication, which has evolved to demonstrate the technological progress of Vanita Docce since its origins.

Ade - Vanita Docce


This is a modern, elegant ‘democratic’ shower enclosure, featuring minimal frames and 8mm thick transparent glass panels.

Atlante - Vanita Docce


A solid, streamlined shower enclosure that’s linear and modern, and adapts easily to users’ needs.

Vogue - Vanita Docce


Due to the slim stainless steel support arm, Vogue does not need heavy profiles: the result is attractive, linear styling.

Ares Evo - Vanita Docce

Ares Evo

Explore this shower enclosure, a true decor item, attractive, imposing and functional.

Kleos - Vanita Docce


This functional shower enclosure is robust and elegant and enhances the Vanita Docce range with an interesting new protagonist.

Kairos - Vanita Docce


The attention we pay to developing every detail means we can find the perfect quality: price ratio, making Kairos a winner in Vanita’s wide range of shower enclosures.

Aton - Vanita Docce


The Aton project is designed to be rational and practical: an attractive shower enclosure, convenient and elegant, just right for many life styles.

Atena - Vanita Docce


Light style where classy design meets functionality and public appreciation. Let yourself be won over by the timeless trend and balanced proportions of Atena.

Kronos Evo - Vanita Docce

Kronos Evo

Kronos Evo has always been popular due to its smooth surfaces and clean-cut shape, and in particular its square pivot system: just one look and you’ll never forget it.

Rea Evo - Vanita Docce

Rea Evo

The vertical bright aluminum profiles are placed in the centre of the 6 mm crystal panel and reveal the part of the shower that can be opened.

Eva - Vanita Docce


Democratic luxury expressed in its forms makes Eva the shower enclosure suitable for everyone, ready to give emotions to every need.

Hera - Vanita Docce


Even more extraordinary, elegant and efficient: Hera surprises with its rare combination of design and functionality in a product that meets the needs of all generations.

Iris - Vanita Docce


The Iris shower enclosure offers a practical shower solution at an extremely competitive price, without neglecting construction quality.

Vesper 190 - Vanita Docce

Vesper 190

A valid compromise for those seeking excellent quality at an excellent price. This collection includes new sizes that extend the Vesper190 range to provide confident, easy choices.

Ettore - Vanita Docce


A classic revisited in a modern key, the multifunctional shower enclosure that redefines every standard.

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Ettore - Vanita Docce

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Quality and guarantee.

All Vanita Docce products are covered by a warranty valid for 24 months from date of purchase.

Under the warranty the company undertakes to repair or replace any damaged parts: accessory costs such as installation, transfers and further inconvenience are excluded. Faults and defects must be communicated in writing.
Since its inception, Vanita Docce has embraced the concept of quality: the product, the service, the commitment and the evolution clearly describe the key factors that characterize the company.
Our staff, driven by the desire to innovate, works diligently to obtain and gain the consensus and trust of sector operators. For this reason, all our products are designed to meet recent European directives in terms of quality and safety. All production processes are carefully managed and monitored to uphold high standards imposed by the market.