Il cristallo da 8 mm, l’altezza di 200 cm., il profilo sottile e completamente piatto, il trattamento anticalcare, la maniglia solida dal design lineare, i profili frontali tagliati a 45°, il nuovo carrellino di scorrimento a doppia ruota con tasto di sgancio per quelli inferiori, sono gli ingredienti alla base del successo della serie Kleos.
Un box doccia funzionale, robusto ed elegante, che arricchisce la collezione Vanita Docce di un nuovo interessante protagonista.8 mm thick crystal, 200 cm height, slim, perfectly flat profiles, descaling treatment, solid linear handle, 45° front profiles, a new two-wheeled sliding trolley and a button to detach the lower wheels: these are all the ingredients that make the Kleos series a huge success. This functional shower enclosure is robust and elegant and enhances the Vanita Docce range with an interesting new protagonist.
Kleos accessories include a glass roof and a stainless steel, multi- function panel, which combine to transform the enclosure into a closed cabin without spoiling its look and without covering the shower area tiles. The roof is designed to be discreet: the edge is well hidden by slightly rounded, minimal profiles that create a slim, streamlined effect. The material is extra clear for Kleos Plus, white crystal, protected
by a strong protective film. The functions include chromotherapy, a Bluetooth loudspeaker and a shower head with a ‘mist’ function that turns the water into a fine spray, creating a gentle, pampering effect (digital functions only for Kleos Plus). A small air grille facilitates natural air exchange between the enclosure interior and exterior.The multi-function panel contains the controls, comprising a five-way faucet tap that runs the different functions, a neck cascade, back massage jets and a convenient hand shower. The panel is attractively finished in matt white, coordinated with the roof colour.

Kleos: a great experience.

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