Future Shower

Adele is a shower enclosure, created thanks to experience, enthusiasm and dedication, which has evolved to demonstrate the technological progress of Vanita Docce since its origins. Little Adele Stella is the inspiring muse of the project.

The concept of Adele arises from the need to bring into the collection a new shower enclosure with important technical characteristics, featuring a streamlined, refined look, which would appeal to those seeking something new, attractive and easy to use.

Adele Future Shower is a contemporary representation of our technology: it features soft opening and closing by means of a mechanism cleverly incorporated in the slim top profile, that softens even the most energetic movements. Another technical feature is the 8 mm glass panels. Just a first glance reveals that extra sparkle, partly due to our VanitaClean descaling treatment, but mostly by the use of extra clear crystal that reduces the slightly green effect of normal transparent glass.

Adele is a well-balanced enclosure: the right proportions of glass parts and polished frame, with an overall height of 200 cm and a button with which to detach the door, place it at the top end of the range in the Vanita Docce collection. Worthy of note are the polished aluminum profiles under the fixed crystal parts, which effectively seal the enclosure through time, and the covers over

the screws securing the profiles to the wall. To facilitate assembly and save on installation time, the shower enclosure comes with quick couplings.

The options available include matt black profiles and a height of 210 cm. Vanita Docce’s experience presents the shower of the future: Adele.

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