Nowadays a shower enclosure is the star of contemporary bathrooms;
it was first introduced to improve the quality of life, making cleanliness ‘green’ and easily available. The main function of a shower enclosure is to prevent water flowing into the bathroom, but over the years it has evolved into a real décor item that enhances the whole room. The Aton project
is designed to be rational and practical: an attractive shower enclosure, convenient and elegant, just right for many life styles.
Aton is a sliding model, provided with two-wheel trolleys and a detachment button for the lower part of the door. The material is 6mm thick crystal treated with our VanitaClean descaling system. The enclosure is framed in slim profiles that ensure good watertightness and make the shower reversible and easily adaptable. A square handle, overall height of 195 cm and 45° profiles certify the refined design of this product. The range is complete with an intriguing hinged door featuring a pivot hinge that coordinates perfectly with all the other details.
This line is the result of experience gained with the highly successful Atena series, with which it shares most of the frame and the handle.

Mixing all these factors makes the style a new point of reference:
Vanita Docce presents the Aton shower enclosure.

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