The Vogue enclosure is a contemporary version of the traditional walk-in shower. Its 8 mm thick crystal panels can be combined to create customised showers.
Due to the slim stainless steel support arm, Vogue does not need heavy profiles: the result is attractive, linear styling; the articulated arm also ensures easy installation and can be freely positioned on any of the surrounding walls. The series is completed by shower doors with a lifting cam, ideal for closing off the shower area
and perfect for large solutions, and mobile panels to limit water spray. The crystal panels in the Vogue line come with a special VanitaClean treatment against lime deposit.
To satisfy the most refined tastes, this Vanita collection includes a choice of matt black profiles, coordinated with either transparent crystal, or the new Industrial or ‘Black Mirror’ crystal finishes. Polished profiles can now also be coordinated with Silk crystal, which features an elegant, linear screen printed pattern in white.
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Vogue, singular linearity and outstanding materials enhance the bathroom to create sensations of wellbeing.

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